A cornucopia of wagers

5/26/2009 03:37:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I'm just having some hot chocolate before I go to bed and I thought while it was cooling instead of having a wank I'd place a wager on something instead. So after doing some minimal research and still being slightly tilted up from a frustrating evening trying to negotiate my way through a £30 freeze-out and a baffling PLO cash game, I have invested £55 in a Yankee that pays something like £1,600 if all goes to plan.

It's the standard Yankee. Leg one involves Barcelona beating Manchester United in 90 minutes @ 17/10; Leg two is a women's tennis effort - I've never bet on women's tennis before but someone said this Kuznetsova woman has a decent chance and that was good enough for me @ 7/1; Selection three requires Chelsea to beat Everton in 90 minutes and finally I should need Valentino Rossi to win the Eye-talian MotoGP this weekend pwiced at 6/5.

This last selection is a funny one. Vale has won this race every year since 2002. There's really no reason to suggest he won't win it this weekend either, but I've got something stirring in my water which makes me fear his series of wins at his home grand prix is going to come to an end on Sunday.

It may be an irrational assumption that after seven successive victories he's just due a loss, but there's no more logic with that train of thought than strolling up to a Roulette wheel and backing Black because the last seven numbers were Red. One could argue that the competition gets stiffer as each year passes, but the word stiff makes me laugh when I'm tired so I'm dismissing that arguement.

But though, but anyway though but, he's 6/5 to win, so if the other three selections are winners we can lay Rossi at such a short price and sit around in our pajamas and enjoy the race. I'm happier laying a 6/5 shot than the 5/2 for Stoner or 10/3 for Jorge Lorenzo who are the only other riders I can see winning this race as we're obviously having to give up a lot less. And that's all I've got to say about that.

The end.

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