O Death

5/05/2009 10:06:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Today is an important day people. Two of my few passions in life have their tournament lives on the line this very evening. Two semi-finals. The Blackhawks play game three of their series with Vancouver back in Chicago tonight and Arsenal play the second leg of the Champions League. semi-final. It's too much in one day. I'm only little. I can't cope.

I am confident the Blackhawks will win. Their inexperience is working for them. They're too naive to know when they're beat. They have no fear, and they're in their own barn as they say. If they win they essentially wrestle home arena advantage away from Vancouver and a conference final against Detroit becomes a very realistic proposition. You'll just have to trust me that that will be a big deal in the world of hockey.

Arsenal on the other hand, thanks to that stupid away goals rule, are staring death in the face - eye-ball to eye-ball. Who will blink first people? Who? The essential arithmatic here is if Manchester United score a goal my boys will need to score three. Fortunately it looks like Rio Ferdinand will play so three goals is not unrealistic. It's a nail biting affair though. I won't enjoy this. I shall square this away with the sporting gods. I will bargain with death, it can have my last Rollo, just please spare me over to another round.

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