Females of 2008

1/03/2009 04:51:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

While I'll waiting for the sand man I thought I'd quickly post my 2008 females of the year. It's been a tricky process, but I feel I've been as fair as one can be with such a chauvinistic enterprise. So without further ado, here we go:

1. Kara Scott.

Not only do I find young Kara so delicious she's almost bally well edible, she's a damn fine poker-smith with a very impressive run of results in 2008, topped by her 104th place in the 6,844 runner WSOP main event this year - while sporting some incredibly tight outfits.

Also, as a Canadian she deserves immense credit for avoiding finishing all of her sentences with that bizarre rhetorical appendage "eh," eh?

2. Rachel Riley

The exception that proves the rule, well played to the 22 year old Essex-girl maths boffin for landing the Countdown gig. It's encouraging for those of us who always refused to accept that Vorderman was sexy to now have some genuine juxtaposing beauty with which to back up our argument.

3. Sarah Vowell

Obviously this whole exercise is just a gossamer thin excuse to post pictures of delicious looking creatures in skimpy get-ups, but on this occasion I'm gonna offer up someone I genuinely admire and someone who, if the old adage that 'personality counts' was really true, I'd almost certainly be attracted to. As it stands unfortunately, she remains at least a five pinter.

I love her writing style however and her most recent book "The Wordy Shipmates" will appeal to anyone with an interest in American history, but has failed in their search to find any literature on the subject that doesn't send them to sleep within a few pages.

4. P!nk.

I'm including P!nk cause she's got a bit of crazy about her and I've always been partial to a bit of crazy. Good crazy, you know, wild crazy, carefree crazy, not stare at you when you're asleep, want to know where you are every second of the day crazy, like Dido.

I was always a teeny tiny bit rebellious as a child and if I had more energy I may still be, so anyone immune to the contagion of humdrum suburban life that strangles the very life out of so many of us all is OK in my book, 'specially if they have a bit of sauce about them and the beautifully formed smaller French breast as opposed to the pendulum swinging melon.

5. Vicky Pendleton.

I have awfully funny dreams about cycling. I can never quite turn the pedals over. Like trying to pedal up a steep gradient only I'm always on level ground. It's very weird. I think it stems from my need to escape from the general morose tedium of my pointless futile existence.

So anyway yes, Vicky's in cause she looks good in her tight cycling kit and almost certainly has thighs so strong she could crack a walnut between them. And I suppose if her performance in the Olympics inspires a few fat kids to do some exercise then more power to her, whatever. But mostly this is for her athletic figure and clearly visible camel toe.



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