Low ass mo fo biiiatch battery

1/27/2009 06:44:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Note to self; if you're going to listen to gangsta rap in your car, do take the CD out when you arrive home or at least turn the volume right down low in case you leave your headlights on all night and subsequently subject the poor RAC man who arrives to revive your car battery to Dr Dre expressing his displeasure at some mo-fuckin bitch ass niggaz who no longer have love for the streets. It's just, it might be embarrassing for you is all.

What was I doing listening to such music? I was laughing at myself. Laughing at myself from many years ago when I enjoyed such music. I did grow up in south-central Carterton and I should think I'll always have love the streets, but a 35 year old from the Cotswalds ought not to be listening to this sort of thing without sound proof windows and with everyone in the immediate vicinity fully aware it's with a huge sense of irony.

This was the same RAC man incidentally who sorted my wheel out for me a few weeks ago when I misjudged which part of the road I ought to be in. He was polite though so I'm sure he doesn't think I'm a twat or anything. I did think I saw him mouth the words bitch ass nigga at me though when he drove off.



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