Murray you're a sweaty bastard

1/26/2009 05:22:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /


Although I bet on Andy Murray to win 3-1, his loss last night to some random bloke pleases me. Apart from the fact that be behaves like a twelve year old, he's a sweaty isn't he. Not just as far as his nationality goes either. I watched one of his matches a few days ago and between every single point, every single one people, he axed for his towel from the poor ball-boy so he could towel is miserable face down.

I ask you, how much sweat can a grown man produce during just one point of a tennis match? Not much surely. And he was wearing sweat bands anyway. What's the point in wearing sweat bands if you're not going to use them? Prima-donna tennis smiths. If you let them get away with this sort of thing who knows where it will end. I'll mark your card, he'll be taking a shower between each point next. He will, you watch. Cunt.



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