What ze hayell?

1/19/2009 06:19:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

So anyway yes, I'm in the barbers this afternoon and there's a few people in there so I make myself comfortable and have a go at the Daily Mail crossword that was amongst the reading material.

Now this is a barbers not a hairdressers and the dude who owns it is big on rugby. We're an RAF town also so the vast majority of the magazines on the table are either rugby or aviation related. There's a few car magazines, but also and inexplicably, a copy of Heat. I can only assume this belonged to one of the hairdressers or one would hope anyway.

I'm giving 4 down some consideration and in plods this big old boy weighing in at about 20 stone and judging by his voice survived on a diet consisting of diesel fuel and gravel. He approaches the table from the west looking for something to read, more likely though just something to look at as it turns out he's a taxi driver or maybe he wants something to eat...and stone the crows, you guessed it, he picks up the copy of Heat magazine!?

I thought to myself, I thought.....funny!! I give up trying to work the world out, I reeeeeaaally do. Anyway, I better go I've got some biscuits in the oven. Ta da.



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