Sooner rather than Gator

1/08/2009 06:39:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I'm in the mood to have a bet on something tonight so, inspired by Paul "the Game's" blog, I shall be focusing on the Fed-ex BCS Championship thingy tonight between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida Gators.

Now, the only thing I know about American Colleges are the women folk are looser than the door hinges on a Citroen 2CV, but I've done some research and it's become clear that Oklahoma are the bet here. Florida might very well be the better team, but at 4/9 you'd have to ....are you listening to me or just looking at those girls snogging?

I tried to understand how college football works a few years ago, but gave up after a few hours as it gave me a mild seizure. From what I've read though, Oklahoma have had the tougher schedule and are therefore battle hardened and their players are all corn fed. Florida on the other hand is the shape of a limp willy.

Incidentally, do you know why Oklahoma is called the Sooner state? It's got something to do with land grabbing. Once they were finished slaughtering the natives they opened up the place to settlers and they all had a certain time when they could run off and bagsy the land, but some cheating fuckers jumped the gun to get all the best land and they called them "Sooners."


So anyway, back to the football. It seems from my minimal research that they don't bother with defense in college football and the Sooners have the advantage here. Sam Bradford is the Sooner's Quarter Back and evidentally he's banned from all the fairgrounds in Oklahoma where you win teddies by throwing something at something. The other dude Tebow is good, but this Bradford dude is NFL good is what I'm hearing. A bet on over's (69+) seems quite reasonable under the circumstances.

I want the pink teddy

Historically Oklahoma do very well in Florida and nothing I've read about this game suggests that an odds on bet on Florida is anything but lunacy. Finally, by all accounts the fans coming from Oklahoma are freakin' mental and this is bound to have an influence somehow somewhere or something.

So yes, I think you'll agree I've clearly established that Oklahoma are the bet at 15/8, or if you're feeling saucy you can have 3/1 for Oklahoma to win both halves. As they seem to score most of their points in the second quarter a lead at half-time seems likely. I'll leave it up to you. So then, after 3, 1...2....3

Boomer sooner, boomer sooner, boomer sooner, boomer sooner, boomer sooner boomer sooner, boomer sooner, that's what I am.

I'm a sooner born and a sooner bred and when I die I'll be sooner dead. Rah oklahoma, rah oklahoma rah oklahomaaaaaa. O-K-U

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