To DTD or not to DTD

1/02/2009 05:07:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

....that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or just stay in and watch telly? I feel like I really ought to noble up and make an effort to play the £50,000 guaranteed £300 game at DTD tomorrow. I haven't been up there for ages and ages and quite frankly damn it, I fancy it.

However, as always with DTD the distance to the club is a factor. It's almost exactly 100 miles which is a very awkward distance. Too far for a spur of the moment trip and almost too close to require a hotel room. I would almost certainly not make day 2, not because I'm shit, just because it'll be a big field and shit happens..under those circumstance I'd just want to come home. I have this weird thing about sleeping in my own bed you see, which can lead to problems but it's the way I is.

But though, but, if I did make day 2, then a 100 mile trip home at 3am and then another one a few hours later for an afternoon start is no more desirable than performing cunnilingus on a hairy young miss who's been playing squash for several of our Earth hours. Do you see my dilemma people? Do you?

The thing is though, with my frustrating rib injury I've hardly left my house for over two weeks. I feel trapped, trapped, like a mouse or a rat. As much as I agree that hell is other people, one needs a bit of hell every now and then to appreciate heaven no? I need some social interaction.

Plus I think the pain killers I'm taking at the moment might be of some benefit at the poker table. My courage will almost certainly be called upon during this tournament, which usually isn't a problem, I'm hard-core me...but on this occasion I'd be playing for monies that are substantial by my standards.

A £300 buy-in is significant for me and the first prize of something like £15,000+ is HUGE monies, but I feel the somewhat carefree attitude these pain killers induce may just assuage my cowardice and apprehension and allow me to jolly well want to win don't you know and be about it when push requires me to shove.

I had planned to keep some sort of profit and loss records for this year and putting a whacking great £300 dent in the loss column right off the bat isn't a great start to the year, but sometimes one has to bally well man up and play. That's what I always say. It's a tricky one, I'll see what the tea leaves say.



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