The one thousand pound challenge

1/10/2009 04:34:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I've challenged myself to win £1,000 pounds by next Friday using a combination of sports wagering, poker playing and fox like cunning. The rules are that I just have to have £1,000 more at midnight next Friday than I do now.

To begin my challenge this weekend I'm starting with a £5 Yankee on three of the four NFL play-off games and I think the fourth selection was overs (2.5) in the Portsmouth v Man City game.

I also have an accumulator involving four Premiership games, which I believe are Aston Villa, Arsenal (this one is doomed, I banned myself from betting on Arsenal many years ago), Blackburn and Liverpool.

* * *

Let's discuss this Yankee shall we? San Diego v Pittsburgh; I've gone for unders here which as soon as I clicked 'confirm' filled me with regret. It appears to be the sensible option, but I actually fancy the Chargers to win this one somehow and this means there must surely be more than 38 points. It's just a feeling I have in my water.

But though, but, the weather conditions may bail me out and Pittsburgh's defense. It's defences that win Championships, that's what my Gran always told me. So it's not a lost cause, but I'm getting a nasty sensation within me that this one is not as cut and dried as it first appears. In fact people, all the road teams on these four games have a great chance of winning.

'specially Philadelphia. I've picked them to win outright at 13/8. They have a great record in New York. McNabb seems to love it there and the Eagles have found some confidence and momentum from somewhere.

Who knows what they're putting in the water in Philadelphia at the moment, but gosh darn it I want some of it. I don't see what all the fuss is about with New York either. They're far too busy shooting themselves in night clubs to be winning football games, that's what I always say.

I've ignored the Baltimore game cause it's too close and I don't want to bok the Ravens, so the final selection is a simple overs (48.5) in the Arizona/Carolina game. I'm fairly confident about this one. So this will obviously be the one that fucks me when all is said and done.

So if these wagers are succesful I'm at least half way to my target. If they're not I'll be forced to try and rediscover some form and cash on Monday in the £50 freeze-out. I hate having to rely on skill though, I've got more chance of success if I just leave it to blind luck.

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