£1,000 challenge conclusion

1/17/2009 05:48:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I gave myself permission to extend my £1,000 challenge by two days to include this weekend as I've slept a lot this week and missed some important wagering opportunities. It's really about time football matches kicked off at about 9pm in my opinion.

Having been denied a £700+ payout on Wednesday on a technicality, I went on tilt a bit and slapped the £249 I did receive back from the Yankee bet in question on some rather optimistic selections. If they come in, I shall have succeeded in my challenge. If they don't, I shall be annoyed.

So, tilt bet number one is another £5 Yankee, the four selections are as follows:

Portsmouth to beat Spurs @ 9/2
. This for me is a daft price. Granted, Tony Adams seems to be steering Portsmouth with all the command and control of that Ford Sierra he ploughed into someone's front garden wall back in 1990, but how can a team sitting 14th be playing a team third from bottom and still be a 4.5/1 dog?

The Premiership is tighter than an Italian waiters kecks, and with very few exceptions no teams are a 4/1 underdog under any circumstances in any given fixture, not even Stoke playing Manchester United at Old Trafford (or Chelsea at Stamford Bridge) let alone Pompey playing a totally shit Spurs team at that god forsaken hole in N17. So anyway - 9/2 I felt this was value.

Philadelphia Eagles to win by 7-12 @ 4/1. Not sure about this one. Bit too specific really since anything could happen in that game, but we might just get lucky. I do think the Eagles will win, although I heard Brian Westbrook has hurt himself, but that could just be mind-games and nonsense. I've sacrificed a couple of kids and a chicken to appease the betting God's, it's out of my hands now I've done all I can.

PSG to beat Sochaux @ 1/2. When I selected this I was punching up markets and going with whatever looked reasonable. Sochaux?? Who the fuck are they?

Sheffield Wednesday to beat Charlton @ 4/5. See explanation above. Charlton are shit I know this much is true and London teams playing in Yorkshire don't do so well, so that was enough justification at the time to make this my fourth selection.

I think that pays something like £1,200+ so this would see me over my target, but I've also got a back up treble of Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd to win paying £240 if it fails. The final game finishing about 6pm on Sunday, which would leave me about an hour and 15 minutes to have one more bet to make my bag of sand before I head out for the Pigeons game.

I need to make sure that whatever funds I do have after this, if any, is securely deposited back in to my bank account before I go out on Sunday as that game is bound to tilt me up beyond anything a bookies betting technicalty could achieve and I'm libel to then put it all on a game of womens lacross when I get home if I'm not prudent.

Finally, I don't think there's enough smut on my blog. I think for the next few weeks at least I'll be adding one or two images a week just to add a little sunshine to the blog during these dark and cold wintery months. Nothing too gratuitous, just enough to put a smile on one's face and a spring in one's step.

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