£1,000 challenge concluded

1/18/2009 11:52:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /


I've counted my monies and I failed by just under 50%. Thanks to an Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd treble yesterday, which seemed very unlikely with 2 minutes to go in two of the games and a European accumulator today involving Roma, Real Madrid, P.S.G and Ajax, which I'd forgotten about, I made a monkey plus £13. I don't know what a monkey is in rhyming slang though.

None too shabby, but had Portsmouth held on for the win and the Eagles not performed so completely opposite to how I'd prophesied, it could have all been so different. That was fun though, I'll take any profit.

I do have one more bet outstanding..which is Overs in Pittsburgh (almost impossible I hear you snigger) and a Half-time-draw/Full-time-win for Liverpool tomorrow in the Meeeeersyside Derby, but only the £13 of the £513 has been wagered and it only pays £115 anyway I think so not only is it even further out of my time limit, it won't deliver me my bag of sand.

I may have another crack at this though in February when I've had a chance to adjust my body clock so I'm awake for more games. I think I didn't have enough positive energy surrounding me. I need more red furniture I think.

The End.



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