Weekend wagering update

1/03/2009 03:42:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

My weekend wagers laid out in a previous post, which one can see HERE are really going quite badly. Paul Nicholson rained down on us poor punters what must surely rank as the most torrential shower of shit in the history of professional darts. It was a deluge.

Nicholson and Wade averaged about 45. It was a slow strangulation of my bet, which I may never recover from. Jelle Klaasen was absolutely battered by Raymondo and there lies my Darts betting for the foreseeable future.

My football wagers are faring no better. As we speak Man City are 2-0 down at home to Nottingham Forest!!! I hope for Mark Hughes sake, he's been eager to spend more time with his family.

Another accumulator I had forgotten about featured Derby!! What on God's soiled Earth possessed me to bet on Derby? Probably that evil fucking cat, but anyway, they're 2-1 to Forest Green. I'm cursed being by Forests. Tis true I've never had much time for trees, but dear lord, why have you foresaken me?

Ooooh it's 2-2. Thank de lord.

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