FA Cup wagers

1/13/2009 05:38:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Well now, I've done some equations and the thousand pound challenge as we speak is now a £1180 challenge. I shall of course put a whacking great dent in that target with a £3 Yankee this evening on some footballing matches which I think are FA Cup games.

My research, which I haven't done, would have been useless anyway so I'm hoping to employ a combination of guess work and serendipity to see me through these choppy gambling waters and land me safely at monies bay with a hoooray and up she rises, a bottle of rum, and some firm but fruity wenches.

So my selections are as follows:

Histon and Swansea to both score in the 1st half @4/1
Bristol City v Portsmouth Overs @ 11/10
Crewe to beat Millwall @2/1
Birmingham v Wolves overs @ Evens

Incidentally, the £180 so far invested to reach our target includes the £33 for this evening's wager. I shall now have some dinner and give some thought to not referring to myself in the third person in my blogs anymore.


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