Much ado about nothing

1/24/2009 03:36:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Something just occurred to me that I must share with you. Last week during my Monday poker game there was a bit of a to-do between myself and my name-sake because of a dispute over whether I'd burnt the correct the number of cards.

You see, the chips had all gone in on the flop with just the two of us in the hand and I messed up the dealing of the turn and river. I had lost the hand on the river, but, I dealt it so spasticatedly it was unclear whether I'd dealt the right number of burn cards. I felt I had dealt too many cards because under the five board cards there were three down cards. My argument was there should only be two - the burn cards for the turn and river - as when I dealt the flop I had thrown that burn card in the muck as I am want to do.

Are you following this? My opponent was insistent that before I dealt the turn, the burn card for the flop was in front of me not in the muck, which was why there three down cards now instead of two. I was absolutely sure that when I dealt the flop I threw the burn card in the muck, but eventually since more people seemed to agree with my name-sake, I relented and the pot was shipped over to him.

It's just occurred to me that all we had to do was count the cards in the muck. We were playing six handed at the time, so if I was right there ought to have been nine cards in the muck - the four discarded hands plus the flop burn card. If I was wrong there would only have been eight cards in there. Since the whole card-room eventually got involved and we were all talking over each other we were unable to find a logical thought between us. Silly silly us, a quick sort through the muck and all would have been fine. Still, you've got to laugh. Anyway, speaking of a mucky sort..



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