I've just had to phone BT's customer services

1/30/2009 08:05:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I knew it would be frustrating, but I thought I'd prepared myself for it. I went outside, I took in a few lungfuls of clean air, I listened to some soft music, I took a few deep breaths and called them up. I'll never get that fifteen minutes back.

Oh, also - on the theme of being frustrated, I went to the Co-op earlier this afternoon and I thought I'd buy a Kinder Egg as there was a tray of them by the check-out.

I thought I could make the toy while watching the darts tonight. But no, there's a toy, it's a pirate, but it's already made. Is this some sort of health and safety regulation? Have kids been swallowing the little bits of toys in these eggs and been banned? Fucks sake. I bet the Kinder Eggs in Romania are still in bits. Brown's Britain.



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