Sisyphian poker at the Pigeons

2/22/2010 01:10:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Sisyphus; punished in Tartarus, condemned to roll a boulder up a hill watch it roll back down again and repeat throughout all eternity. That's essentially how it was tonight at the Pigeons.

I built up a decent chip lead, but no matter how close we go to tipping villain Peachy over the edge, back he came. To my left and short stacked he would push always on my big blind, I was obviously then compelled to play the role of policeman and call only to run into a cabillions sets of pocket Aces a pair of flopped aces against Jacks. Round and round we went up and up, down and down. Aces after aces.

I ran into more bullets this evening than Eric from Killing Zoe. I will need some time to process this evening's events...but for now, Les jeux sont faits. The game is up.

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