Hockey Semi's

2/26/2010 06:07:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

It's difficult to see anything but a US v Canada Gold Medal game coming from the semi's tonight, but I'll be doing all I can using the various disciplines of black magic at my disposal to see that the USA lose tonight.

Not because I think Canada would struggle against them; I think Canadians are probably desperate to meet the US of States in the Final game to exorcise the demons of the preliminary debacle - and I would too as it goes - it's just that there's something so unpleasantly loud about Americans that's so perfectly captured in this video below that makes me want all their sportsmen and their Military to fail.

I'll be backing the Finns, who lead by example when it comes to a quieter more dignified approach to life, at 6/4 tonight. Apparently the last time someone from Finland shouted, he caused an avalanche and killed everyone in his village, so they just don't do it. Kimi Tuomikinkinenn his name was I think.

So yes, see if you can watch this all the way through without sighing. It isn't the Olympic mens team, it's the juniors. The pros aren't any quieter though, just more professionally loud.

**Update: Finland really taking being quiet to new heights - 6-0 down after 15 minutes!



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