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Of all the pointless and irrelevant things occurring today I didn't think the hot-dog eating contest shown live on ESPN, which was surprisingly won by an American, could be beaten.

I'd forgotten about the WSOP main event though and the possibility of one of Phil Helmuth "entrances," which he thinks the whole world awaits with bated breath, but in reality provoke no more than a collective sigh and the awkward unease and embarrassment you feel when someone drunk gets over emotional.

Speaking of the main event, the mob's last longer bet has so far seen Dewey Tomko sneak into day 2 with a stack of about 35,000 - as we speak Jeffrey Lisandro is on about 55,000 and poor Vanessa Rousso who plays tomorrow is at home nursing some sort of cold. I've emailed in to see if she needs ointment applying liberally over her breasts and supple thighs but have yet to receive a reply, she must be asleep bless her.

Just a brief roundup of this weekends wagering before I go. Federer eventually winning and Phil Taylor eeking past the boy van Barneveld has closed out a darned good week. It was bordering on a splendid effort with Jiyai Shin in a promising position going into the final round of the Jamie Farr classic only to suffer somewhat of a collapse and finish no where.

My MotoGP wagers were live for only a few laps. I was right about someone else finally breaking into the top three podium spots, I just chose the guy on the wrong side of the Honda Repsol garage. Andrea Dovizioso, still clearly distracted by his gender confusion, managed to lose the front end on lap seven on a corner where that shouldn't really have been possible.

Casey Stoner slipped back predictably after becoming knackered again and almost drowning in the pints of vomit building up in his helmet. Jorge Lorenzo whose injuries I felt might cause him to give up what with him being Spanish and all, put in an awesome 3rd place performance and might have finished second had he not over-cooked it when making an attempt to pass young Valentino.

Dani Pedrose, who might be rather conflicted himself given how he spells his name, won easily. Very surprised by this, but once he'd launched himself into the lead from the start he never looked back. How his 5ft 5, 7.5 stone body heaved his bike round that circuit for 32 laps is beyond me. Not a good race, far too many crashes this weekend. I've emailed in so they're clear I don't think this place should be on the calendar.

Ickle Dani whose little hands can't fit round a can of Red Bull


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