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7/18/2009 11:24:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

It's MotoGP weekend again wooo. Unfortunately it's been pissing down in East Germany ze whole weekend so tomorrow's races look to be more silly bollocks flag-to-flag nonsense so I shall not be having a proper wager.

I will however be having a few shillings on a 125cc and 250cc double, just to makes things more interesting. Although these bikes with their pram like wheels whizzing off a skating rink surface at 13omph throwing their teenage Spaniard and Italian riders many feet in the air, is to be fair, interesting enough already.

Nontheless, my wager will be Julian Simon to win the 125 race coupled together with Marco Simoncelli and his awesome "euro" hairdo, which must weigh 20kilos in the wet, to win the 250's. This pays at something like 3/1 and looks about as promising a bet can look in these conditions.

The white man's afro: Simoncelli's quite magnificent "Euro"

I might also be persuaded to have a small interest in Chris Vermeulen to make it onto the podium at 12.0 - he's a wet-weather specialist and managed a third place in this race last year under very similar pissy weather conditions. He's 12th on the grid, but no matter, he started 14th in last season's race.

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