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7/15/2009 02:28:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I'm grouchy today. I finally got to bed about 6am and made the standard Wednesday mistake of watching Prime Ministers Questions at noon. I should never watch that, 'specially when I've only had 6 hours sleep. I dreamt about John Terry too for some reason. I find it amusing that Chelsea are getting all indignant at Manchester City's unashamed poaching of players with their unlimited resources. What goes around comes around. I can't see how this is any different to how they secured the services of Ashley Cole. Romanced from under Arsenal's nose, but who turned out to be a bit rubbish as he couldn't run with a Nokia e71 up his poo-shoot.

Anyway, I digress. The Prime Minister today was pathetic trying to justify this pointless campaign in Afghanistan. David Cameron equally so. I find both of them revolting. Both of them engaged today in a session of tangential questions and answers so they didn't have to deal with why we're in Afghanistan in the first place.

When some one is lying they attempt to skew the argument off on some irrelevant tangent to take attention away from the initial and more important issue. Anyone who's ever lived with a woman will have become skilled in this. "I'm sick of you getting pissed every night and coming home at 2am waking the whole street up. When did you last take me out?" "When have I woken the whole street up? Name me one occasion when the ENTIRE street has woken up when I've come home. Name me one occasion, just one. You're the one who wakes the street up with loud nagging."

They squabbled today over the number of helicopters or something in Afghanistan. Even when they're talking about people's lives they resort to regurgitating statistics and shouting percentages at each other. Under a Labour Government soldiers in Afghanistan have 13.8 more rounds of ammunition per patrol than under the Conservative Government's Falklands War. Our front line troops are now 6% better equipped today than last year and 15% better than Desert Storm under a Conservative Government.

They should have been debating why they went there in the first place and when they're going to leave. Cameron can't do this of course because he supported this war and needs to appear tough and patriotic and can't be seen to be showing a lack of resolution or appreciation for the efforts our armed forces are making. And Gordon Brown certainly can't involve himself in this kind of debate as he has no idea what the point of this war is anymore.

It's been going on so long no one can remember what it was all about. Terrorism? The July 7th bombers were from don't need to be trained in Afghanistan to blow a tube train up, you just need a semi-detached house in Yorkshire and internet access. Heroine production? We grow that here, and the Taliban had all but eradicated the harvesting of poppies before we decided they needed removing. Building a democracy? We don't have that here yet. We could fight the Taliban for another fifty years and still never achieve that goal.

Eight years this war has been going on. We'll lose because we're fighting a noun. You can't defeat terror anymore than you can defeat prejudice or bad luck. This is about sucking up to America. This one sided special relationship we have with America is not worth wasting lives over. They don't care for us over there, we're the only ones who use that term. America would much prefer it if we just became part of Europe so they could treat us all as one country.

It's nauseating toadying, but it makes the Prime Minister feel important and relevant and his ego and reputation will always supersede the lives of the peoples he's sent out to try and maintain his standing in Washington and put a successful war on his CV and it gets no better when Cameron takes over. Sigh! I fancy moving to one of those caves in Kandahar. One without internet access.

Finally, I've heard tell of a Test cricket retirement announcement from Andrew Flintoff. By my way of thinking if he feels he's no longer fit to play Test cricket, that means he's not fit now, unless he's expecting a steep decline in fitness these next few weeks. Why therefore is he in the team? Why? Why? So many questions, so few answers.

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