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7/26/2009 12:38:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Last year at Donington for Motorcycle Grand Prix which is a shame. As we speak the 125cc wee ones are using the ice-rink like surface of the track to fling themselves into the gravel traps at 80mph.

The grown ups race at 3:30pm this art'noon. It ought to be a dry race, but who knows. Given the unpredictability of the weather I shall be taking the 10.0 available currently for Casey Stoner and laying off at a suitably lower mark. This is a crazy price given that Stoner has won the last twice here, even with his dodgy health, but we must take advantage, we must we must.

This is a golden back to lay opportunity. It's unlikely he'll win today, but Casey Stoner always starts well and his fitness and health issues don't kick in until about 20 laps into the race. His price ought to drop to at least 4.0 maybe lower before he starts to drop back. Last race his price got as low as 2.50-ish before he was over-run by Lorenzo, Pedrose and his anaemia.

I fancy Valentino to win the race. He has a keen sense of history and will want to be the last MotoGP rider to win here. This was also considered his home race when he was resident here and he loves the track, but at odds on, or evens on Betfair it's too short.

Little Pedrosa to crash is a good possibility so place laying him might be worth a few shillings at 1.60.

* * *

Result: Well the betting strategy went the way of half the field, straight into the dirt. Casey Stoner gambled by starting on wet tyres while the rest of the grid started on slicks. Assuming it would rain before his tyres disintegrated; it didn't and bless his Aussie socks he was lapped at one point by race leader Valentino Rossi, who took the lead after Lorenzo had crashed.

Rossi then crashed himself, but got back up and finished 6th or 7th. Despite my bet seemingly being dead, a combination of the weather, some crashes and some cautious riding by eventual winner Andrea Dovizioso, allowed me to trade my way - without necessarily knowing what I was doing - to just a £5 loss.

Funny race. Quite fitting for the last time at Donington.

Also; For some reason Eurosport aren't able to show MotoGP live this season, but show it as live an hour later. The commentators (Julian Ryder and Toby Moody) are brilliant, real racing nerds and I expect them go mental while watching this race - real high pitched squealing commentary, but making sense still, unlike Sid Wadell's gibberish bullshit. If you've nothing to do it's on at 4:30 on channel 411.


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