Main Event bubble bursts

7/12/2009 01:22:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Kia Hamadani is the official bubble boy of this year's main event. He's not though really. For his trouble he gets a free entry into next year's main event paid for by the sponsor. This happens every year. The real bubble boy then - the last person to go out without winning a cent - was William Blake.

It's poor Mr Blake they should all feel sorry for or thank. If Kia Hamadani won his seat this year in a satellite, he's essentially just been given $10,000. Not bad for four days work.

An amusing hand while they were hand-for-hand waiting for the bubble to burst. A dude was all-in with Ace-Jack (spades) up against Q-Q of his opponent on a board of K-10-9 with two spades.

Someone, probably a random online qualifier, on an adjacent table yelled, "we're all rooting for the guy with Queens - the other dude has a flush draw." Or something like that. What said observer didn't seem to realise was the "other dude" was Bobby Baldwin - winner of the Main Event in 1978 and whom the Bellagio's Bobby's Room is named after.

Hardly a "dude;" no respect these internet players.



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