Ashes third test

7/30/2009 12:13:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

By my of thinking I'm free-rolling with my third test prediction as I cain't surely get it as wrong as the Lords' test. Here's what I think will occur though, this is what I think will occur; I fancy someone to win that's what I think. I know, how insightful is that?

Historically whomsoever shall win the toss shall win the game at Edgbaston - assuming they choose to bowl - I shall therefore be wagering on whoever wins the toss. I fancy with the wicket, all moist and unpredictable like a Spanish peasant girl, you'll see wickets a tumblin' in plenty of time that even with rain delays there'll be plenty of time to play this one out.

Day 1 then - England win the toss, put Australia in, Australia about 90 - 5 by lunch and bowled out, after a stubborn tail hang about for a bit, for about 200 in about 70 overs. Or the other way round if the Aussies win the toss.

I can't be any more specific than that I'm afraid.

A moist and unpredictable Spanish peasant girl yesterday

* That's how it would have happened had there been any play today.

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