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7/18/2009 10:06:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I enjoyed the cricket yesterday. England almost seemed like thye had some fight in them instead of behaving like over-privileged pampered cry babies. I do so love to see Ricky Ponting moaning. He is the original whinging POM. People forget it's actually the Australians who are the POMS.

Anyways...the concern today has to be England's ability to get crucial decisions wrong and we're at a crucial stage here people. One has to assume they can dispatch Australia for less than the 70 odd runs they need to avoid the follow on, but do they enforce it? Do they people? Do they?

I think they should really, mainly because I don't trust Andrew Strauss' judgement. If England were to bat again they'd either set a monstrous target batting too long in the process and not leaving themselves enough time to bowl Australia out, or they'd fuck it up and get out for 90.

While Andrew Flintoff is suitably hopped up on pain killers and gummy bears and while Jimmy Anderson looks so hostile and Simon Jones-esq and has the Aussies running for cover, we ought to put them back in. Essentially you want Strauss to have to make as few crucial decisions as possible denying him the opportunity to snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory.

My murder of Spanish crows hanging about in NW8 are telling me it's sunnny but humid, so the ball should swing. Possibly the last two days will be the better days to bat. England really ought to be able to see the Aussies off here and end that 75 year hoodoo, so with that in mind I'm taking the 9.8 for an Australia victory.

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