Sacrebleu! Ay Caramba! Strewth!

7/05/2009 03:49:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Even for Laguna Seca, that qualifying period was a crazy affair. Physics and poor tarmac conspiring to fling various riders many many feet in the air and dumping them somewhere they knew not where until the gas and air and smelling salts had kicked in.

If we were mercenary sombitches we'd be squealing in delight at these crashes as two of them belonged to Jorge Lorenzo and one Casey Stoner, which may just put them out of contention for tomorrows race affording one of our long shot dark horses an opportunity to line our pockets with monies.

Jorge Lorenzo begins his flight into the gravel

I'm not mercenary though, not much anyway. I do like the spectacle of a good crash, but I much prefer it when the rider gets up immediately and searches for the nearest steward on a scooter to whizz him back to the paddock where his glamourous underwear model girlfriend will administer some alternative medicine and feed the poor chap grapes. I don't like to see them hurt is what I'm saying.

Young Jorge who I have come to admire recently, looks in terrible shape with a possible dislocated shoulder and a wee fracture in his foot and these injuries are of the worst kind for this brand of motorcycle racing. He is a tough little mite, but surely heaving a MotoGP bike round this particular track for 32 laps with those injuries is beyond even his pain threshold no?

Casey Stoner had a similar crash, but escaped unhurt. Unfortunately, he was already fucked. He looks translucent, if he weren't wearing his leathers you could certainly see through him. Just like my condition in Vegas in April after a 14 hour Martini session. I looked in the mirror and could see behind me. I had the luxury of 24 hours sleep though, young Casey has to go racing and one can only imagine how much vomit will accumulate in the poor chaps helmet over race distance.

Casey Stoner makes an attempt at Lorenzo's distance.

Meanwhile Valentino Rossi managed to stay on his bike qualifying in second which was a great result and assuming he can stay upright will almost certainly win tomorrow. The other two podium spots are up for grabs and my choices to occupy at least one of them will be 33/1 shot Andrea Dovizioso and 66/1 shot Chris Vermeulen - each-way of course.


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