7/02/2009 12:17:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

He's officially a liar now. He was a liar before, but it's only been made official today. Despite his Orwellian economic double-speak he's invented where down is up and 0% is a rise, he's fooling no one anymore.

It's a shame his "0% rise" line from yesterday's PMQs came during a heat wave. Had it come at any other time far more people would have been bothered to sit up and wave their fists at the telly or email in.

Thanks to You Tube though it's preserved, electronically fossilised so generations to come will have an appreciation of what a contemptible c-word he his and I don't mean communist. I'm telling you there's only so much room on top of London Bridge for decapitated Scottish heads. We'll have to start using Tower Bridge too at this rate.

One has to almost admire the gall of the man to stand there live on TV and make an attempt at conning people into accepting "0% rise" as something other than an utterly contemptuous verbal two fingers to anyone who still lives in a world where 2+2=4.

This reminds me of the scene in 1984 where poor Winston has to count the light bulbs. It's one of my worst nightmares being imprisoned in a room with no windows with Gordon Brown holding up a chart of Government spending entitled "Brown's proposed cuts," all in red ink with clearly illustrated decreasing bars and being asked how much investment in public services will rise according to the chart. Oh the hell of it.


Gordon Brown might not be fixing boxes of rats to peoples faces or lashing dissenters to trees with piano wire and gunning them down in the small hours of the morning, but that doesn't mean he isn't a totalitarian commy sombitch. Someone needs to make it clear to him though that he is not Joseph Stalin. He's too much of a pussy and I doubt he can grow a tash that full.

Gosh darn it Gordon you coffin chinned walking depression, our political heritage is the product of a thousand years of struggles and many amusing facial hair trends and although a significant percentage of it has been eroded away over the past ten years and we now live in a pointless egalitarian state where individual acheivement is a crime and crime and acheivement and it's become OK for women to drink out of pint glasses, I'm damned, DAMNED if the remaining crumbs of our democracy will be eaten up by your megalomanic crusade to turn us into a poor man's Russia. If this doesn't stop you'll be receiving a very stern email from me, I mean it. VERY stern - bold fonts, caps lock the works, so back off and rediscover your enthusiasm for elections.



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