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7/17/2009 09:23:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

If there's one thing more frustrating than the delays in landing a world class player; medicals, personal terms negotiations, transfer fee, signing on bonus and so on, it's the delays in offloading a mercenary cu*t who thinks he's Theirry Henry.

We were so close to getting rid of this poor man's Kanu last season after he scored 30 goals and thought he was Jesus. A.C. Milan were almost hoodwinked into signing him, but realised just in time that his magical quality was his ability to deceive and took their €25 million Euros elsewhere.

Thank the lord for Manchester City and their owners' complete ignorance and desperation to swap their crude oil money for snake oil. I'm hearing though from my mole in the Eastlands that Adebayor is stalling. He needs more "thinking time" apparently. Thinking time in this case translates as more time for Arsene Wenger to change his mind cause I really don't want to play for a nouveau riche Arabian circus that has no chance at all of winning anything.

Just fuck off for crying out loud

If he thought by talking to other clubs Arsene Wenger would get down on his knees and beg him to stay he has made an hilarious miscalculation. This reminds me of a time back in the day when I demanded that a young miss cease bothering me. Don't call me, text me, email me, I don't want to see you again I told her in no uncertain terms. And to my intense frustration and anger, she did. I never heard from her again. Bluff called. Damn it. Bitch.

It seems it's Adebayor on his knees now begging Arsenal to think more of him. Damn it don't we realise how good his goals against Blackburn and Wigan were? Well possibly, it's just a shame those goals weren't scored against Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool too. Now I know he reads my blog so I'll pay him the compliment of being honest; you're not Jesus, you're not Thierry Henry and you're not wanted. Stop calling us. Bluff called. Bitch.




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