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Andy Murray really is doing his level best to ruin my week. Oh how I hark back to bygone days when Jocks guilty of such treason as ruining an Englishman's Yankee bets were stripped naked, dragged through the streets of London by horses and then tied to a tree, eviscerated and their bowels set alight while the treacherous Gaelic swine was still alive. His head then placed on a spike on London Bridge.

Had Andy Murray done the decent thing and lost one of the first sets today (he was a break down in the second damn him) I'd have been £1,500 to the good. Look at this:

Roddick to win in five sets (had this in a single too), Haas to beat Djokovic, Federer to win in straight sets and Murray's game to be 1-1 after two sets. Not too much to ask surely? He denied me £2,000 on Monday by not winning 3-1. I'll be honest with you, I don't like him.

However, today has still been a very good day and if Lilistrom can see out the final twenty minutes of their match with Start Kristianstand, then we will finish the day somewhere in the region of £400 up. If Roger Federer would do the decent thing and win the whole tournament and Phil Taylor can focus enough to win that Vegas thing then we'll have had a four figure week and we can stop referring to ourselves in the third person.

For those of you who enjoy a good lay (fnarr fnarr yick yick) - Casey Stoner can now confidently be laid for the MotoGP title (currently 3/1) as there is something wrong with the fella. If my suspicions are correct, something is seriously wrong with him.

The last two races he has suffered exhaustion and stomach cramps - causing him to throw up in his helmet during the Catalunya race, ewwww, and this fatigue and illness and cramps are a "mystery," according to his medical people.

If you can't be arsed to wait until the end of the season, you can lay 3/1 for Stoner this weekend as he can't seriously be in with a chance given his physical condition. They've only had a day off since Assen, they've had to fly all the way to California and will be racing again on Sunday on a track that really isn't suited to MotoGP bikes and will therefore be even more demanding than the previous two races. It's too much to ask for some one who clearly isn't fit and might in my humble opinion have the "C" word.

That's a rather unpleasant way of ending a blog so let's hope I'm way off the mark and he returns to the peak of physical fitness soon. Just not this weekend if he doesn't mind.

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