China in your hand

7/25/2009 06:17:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

China are re-thinking their family planning policies as their population is aging and there aren't sufficient numbers of working-age adults to care for them. Here's an idea though. Instead of allowing couples to have two kids, why not give some thought to just culling the over 300's?

According to statistics, 30% of China's population is now over 60 Earth years old, which equates to approximately 350,000,000 pensioners. Of that 350m 50% are over 100 Earth years old, of that 50% nearly 50m are over 200 Earth years old and of that number almost 10m are 300 and older.

233 year old Xi Xi Top, born in 1776, year America declared
independence from Britain

If China simply culled the over 200's, they'd be fine. But they're not doing that though are they ....noooo. Why not? Because this isn't about financing the care for the elderly, that's a smoke screen. This is about the final push for world domination. God damn it I've been warning the world about this for years.

What troubles me is that we're only just hearing about this now. This process is almost certainly already be in progress. The first wave are probably already amongst us. This would explain why the Chinese take-away in town now has the man power to deliver all those lovely spicy pork dishes and swine-flu is infecting the whole planet. They're not fooling me, like China held up to the light I see through their lies. We must do something, I only hope it's not too late.



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