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7/01/2010 10:52:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

So today was all rather arduous in all fairness. I know I'm going to struggle stamina wise when I have to get up in the morning. My feet feel a good 3 or 4 kilos heavier before about 4pm.

It was the second part of my annual review at the big house. After knocking out a comparitively awesome lung-function test last week - the best one since Mexico were cheated out of a quarter final place in 2006 by Argentina as it goes (I'm seeing a pattern here) - today however it was shit again. It was nice while it lasted.

They sent me off to have an ultra-sound. While I was sat in the very very quiet waiting room I was desperate to fart, but didn't want to offend anyone - I must stop eating jalepeno peppers before I go to bed. In fact I should not have been so concerned with my fellow Ultra-Soundees' sensibilities as the gas within me made it rather tricky for the Doctor dude to see my innards clearly. I think there's a lesson in this for us all.

In other news I'll be campaigning to have those little hats nurses used to wear re-instated. I think all of this country's social ills can be regressed back to when they decided to ditch those little caps. Why did they?

Probably some silly PC bullshit as male nurses didn't have to wear them. Male nurses - bah - what's the matter, too stupid to become a Doctor? Get a man's job and leave all the fondling and bed sheet folding to the womenfolk that's what I always say.

Sport now and the mini World Cup drought ends tomorrow with the first two quarter finals. Over on Paulie Two Thumbs' blog he appears to be pulling for a Brazil win as he has the most invested in them having backed the Dutch and Brazil pre-tournament. I myself am in the opposite situation. I also backed the Dutch and Brazil, but the Brazilians were my saver as it were. I have £530 monies coming my way if the Dutch can finally lose their tag as the best country never to win the World Cup and £68 if the Brazilians win.

I'm very disappointed they have to play each other. I fear for the Dutch. It's about this time of the World Cup when they start to argue amongst each other and put cigars in each others eyes. I was hoping that their unofficial "selection policy" may have allowed them to circumvent their inner squabbles, but I've heard tell of a Robin Van Persie temper tantrum so who knows. The Dutch are a funny nation - all clogs and funny accents on the outside, but when you take a closer look at the nation, they're actually quite unpleasant people. Still...who cares?

In the other quarter-final tomorrow I fancy some violence and a red-card. On Saturday it's been determined by Paul the Octopus that Germany will beat Argentina again and jolly good too. Paul has a 100% record in predicting Germany's World Cup results so far, even predicting their loss to Serbia! I shall be lumping on Germany and eating sausage in their honour.

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