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7/27/2010 02:28:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

How's about this for a funny old bet then on July 30th; - Chivas v Manchester United - United's new signing Javier Hernández to score the first goal but Chivas to win 1-0. You'll probably not get a bookmaker to offer you a price on this, but why not stitch an unsuspecting friend up for a laugh.

Chicharito you see is expected to start the first half for United and play the second half for Chivas, assuming his fitness holds up. FUN! This should actually be a good game to watch. This will be the first game in Chivas' new stadium which is a freakin' amazing looking thing on the top of a hill.

Chivas ought to win as the Apertura has started and the English league is weeks away and as United showed against Kansas - they're either not even trying at the moment or will struggle to finish in the top half of the table.

* * *

In other Mexican news, Efrain Juarez gave an interview today in his Celtic shirt and gah bless him he still seems completely oblivious to what he's got himself into. His English is very good for someone who's only been there ten minutes, I doubt though he'll ever master Glaswegian.

Speaking of learning languages, the plan, when I can say more in Spanish than just "the bakery is in the town square" is to try and wangle some interviews with the Mexican players based in the UK.

Are Celtic in the Champion's League? I hope they get drawn against an English team so I don't have to travel up to Glasgow if they allow me access to Mr Juarez. I'm making slow progress with the language so I'll just have to hope Efrain is keen to locate the bakery. And hope there's one in the town square.

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