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7/23/2010 01:17:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

There was so much bullshit in the news today. Thank the lord I washed my hands with the world again and don't care, elsewise I'd have shit myself out of frustration. It baffles me why there's any able-bodied people left in this country. If I was ten years younger I'd move to Vancouver. I'd be working at an all girls college teaching home economics by day and resting by night.

David Cameron doesn't know when the Americans joined the second world war. Evidently he only knows what he learns from war films starring Clint Eastwood. This by the way is a fucking disgrace - for this air-headed pomade stinking fraud of a Prime Minister to be unaware that America remained "neutral" until all the heavy lifting had been done by us is inexcusable.

If Britain was ever a "junior partner" it was years later and to the Russians - who had about 8 billion soldiers in theatre - not the Americans. I think David Cameron should have to apologise personally to every single remaining soldier who fought in the second world war and then he should resign and then just fuck off to some PR company repurposing cross-media architectures and sunsetting ideas to incubate frictionless mindshare and other such bullshit.

Further motivation to move to Canada came in the awful shape of some stupid 60 year old woman who wants to sue Simon Cowell as she felt humiliated on one of his telly shows. I'm still not sure if I didn't dream that because correct me if I'm wrong crazy woman, but those shows exist purely to humiliate people, that is their purpose.

If you went on their believing it was a genuine talent show and that reality TV shows of this nature are a genuine career path then I'm afraid you deserve to humiliated. Personally, I think people like you should be chained to railings in the dankest darkest part of a mental institution, fed rotten meat and prodded twice a day with sharp sticks.

Finally Nick Griffin appears to be in the news again. Banned from meeting the Queen at a Palace garden party - as if he was ever likely to get even within half a mile of her majesty. Although I heard the Duke of Edinburgh was really rather looking forward to meeting him.

This man is no more relevant in British politics than Howling Laud Hope of the Monster Raving Loony Party yet we remain as obsessed by him and his silly little party as the various History channels are with Hitler and his hence men. Why might this be I wonder?

I'm off to listen to some country music and forget where I live. I suggest you do the same.

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