RIP #24

7/06/2010 01:38:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

The NHL's best ever enforcer big bad Bob Probert died today. This is very sad news. He was perhaps the perfectly balanced hockey player - half man, half cocktail or narcotics - so perhaps this is not a total shock, but at 45 that's still far too young ain't it?

I used to have a huge big portrait of Bob Probert on my wall. I know he spent one or two years with Detroit and did some stuff there for a few games or something, but surely his best years were in Chicago - certainly most of his best arrests and domestic disturbances were while he was a Blackhawk.

Very sad to hear this. I remember reading once in one of the Chicago papers before he was traded to Chicago that Hell would freeze over before he'd play for Chicago after being such a legend at Detroit - let's hope that's finally happened and he's down there now skating around dropping the gloves with some of history's biggest arse-holes.


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