The gayest gunman ever?

7/09/2010 10:04:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

So I'm just now watching the News and it appears the police up north have finally cornered this Raoul Moat fella, but...and I'm laughing as I type this....they can't arrest him because he's holding a sawn-off shotgun to his own throat. Yes, the police cannot apprehend the man as he is holding himself hostage. He's using the tactic Sheriff Bart used in Blazing Saddles to get away from the imbred gun touting racist villagers who wanted to shoot him.

It's embarrassing really. I can't think of another country where the police would try and negotiate in a situation like this. I can't imagine the LAPD or the French Gendarmes being so considerate. What difference does it make if he shoots himself?

Surely the most gay gunman siege ever. A farce from start to finish. His name is Raoul for a start. He only shot that first bloke initially cause he thought he was a policeman.

Poor Raoul must have let out the biggest loudest D'oh ever when the police pointed out to him that the dude wasn't a copper after all....making his 50 page letter about how he's going to kill every policeman in the country seem a bit daft really.

Despite every armed policeman in the country joining the search as well as the SAS, Dog the Bounty Hunter and a friggin' Tornado! it's taken a week to find him and now they have found him hidden in a bush they don't know how to get him out, he's not a f*cking man eating lion!

Whatever happened to come out with your hands up or we'll shoot? Is that not in the manual anymore? Sigh..when we needed Marion Cabretti or Dirty Harry or Sledgehammer we got a woman called Sue who'd struggle to cope with a pack of unruly Brownies. F*cking suffragettes.

Does my bum look big in this skirt?: Pretend Chief Constable Sue Sim making inquiries
in Rothbury yesterday.

Breaking news: Now they're bringing him something to eat! You couldn't make it up. Do they want this to end or not? If you don't want to shoot him fine, but don't make him more comfortable. Why not read him a story too? Next they'll all offer to turn their backs while he has a poo and he'll do a runner again. Shocking scenes.

Oh fuck me, they've drafted in Gazza to have a word with him. Come on lad, let's go fishing.

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Christi on 10 July 2010 at 03:39

You knooow, if this had happened in the great state of Texas, one of our Bubbas would have taken him down ages ago. Maybe we should send some over to help y'all out. And by help I mean help Raoueueul use his own face for target practice. Yeehaw!

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