Spain win says Paul the Octopus

7/06/2010 04:09:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Paul the Octopus has predicted a Spain win in their semi-final with Jerry. This is intriguing. I really wanted to see a Netherlands/Germany final. I felt that had much potential to descend into chaos on and off the pitch.

It's possible of course he is wrong, it's all good natured stuff isn't it, not to be taken seriously. Unless of course you're Argentinian. Apparently after he predicted Germany would beat them, a newspaper in Argentina gave a recipe for Paella and dared anyone to capture him and kill him. They really are fun people the Argies, it baffles me why no one likes them.

All is not lost for the Bosch. According to the Daily Telegraph the only time Paul got a prediction wrong in the 2008 European Championships was when he predicted Germany would beat Spain in the final. So perhaps he's wrong again this time just the other way round.

The end.

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