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7/18/2010 10:46:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I had an horrific shock yesterday when I was flicking through the channels and came across T*ttenham playing a friendly against San Jose Earthquake on ESPN. They ought to have some sort of parental controls when they show Sp*rz games, like a warning or something and you have to punch in a PIN if you want to continue so you're not caught unawares by an utter shower of shit while you're eating.

I hear the game finished 0-0. Couple of things struck me funny. First of all, what the hell kind of kit is that the N17ers are sporting this year? It looks like something you can pick up from Paulie Two Thumbs' pound empire. And also why would you name your team "Earthquake"? A natural disaster, especially in a part of the world plagued by them? Is there a team in the Philippines called the Manilla Tsunamis? Or perhaps a team in Ethiopia called the Addis Ababa Famine? Very strange.

Meanwhile Arsenal gave the might of Barnet a sound 4-0 thrashing. Barnet being a similar standard to MLS in US of States. Jack Wilshire looked amazing. He's some how aged about 5 years over the summer and although I may get carried away sometimes with the cabillion of prospects Arsenal have in their ranks, I have a feeling in my testicles that this man will be something very special. It's about time someone called Jack rose to prominence in England. Good traditional football name is that. I think Arsenal have someone called Wilf too. Awesome.

In other news, as of the start of the new season, possibly sooner, you lucky lucky people will be able to digest my views and opinions of the various Mexican players now playing in the Premier League - and also to a lesser extent those playing in Europe at

Thank you to Al for the invite. Hopefully Gio will be loaned out by T*ttenham so I won't have to discuss them, but I'm looking forward to watching Pablo Barrera, Carlos Vela and Chicharito and also God bless him Efrain Juarez who has for some reason agreed to play for Celtic. I can only assume his agent didn't mention what sort of places he'll be asked to play and how utterly shit Scottish football is. I know Mexico has it's problems, but will living in Scotland offer a more secure future? How will he cope with fried Mars bars? Let's hope for his sake a proper team picks him up as soon as possible.

Estoy siempre soplando burbujas: Pablo Barrera yesterday

* * *

Finally, obviously I wasn't even close to getting up in time to venture out to Nottingham for the Super 50 thing, but I feel I can manage to find the motivation to don some coordinated evening wear and head over to Abingdon for their 20/20/20 game. It feels like weeks and weeks since I last played poker, mostly because it has been so all things being even I should be home by about 8pm.

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