Eeeek noooo arghhh hoorah

7/02/2010 10:04:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Urrrghhh...So now Ghana v Uruguay - with two minutes left in Extra-Time I have a feeling in my bones it's not going to penalties - I swiftly leap to my computron and fire up Betfair. I deposit £10 with the intention of having a cheeky £5 on each team to win in Extra-Time.

Uruguay is matched. Ghana I only get £3.04 matched leaving my balance at £1.96, which I can't now have on Ghana as I've clicked cancel unmatched bets and it's less than the £2 minimum. Meanwhile the prices are rising and Ooooooh penalty to Ghana. Fuck my life. I stand only to win £28 when I could have won much more if I could have had the last remaining £1.96 on.

But though but....they miss it anyway! I don't even get my measly £28. Awful game silly bollocks tits.

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