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6/29/2010 05:49:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I have been meaning to get one or two things off my chest regarding the Argentinians, but that will have to wait as I've just been watching Sky Sports and I'm afraid there's a very real possibility that young Georgie Thompson may very well be up the duff.

That little fucker, Ant or Dec, which ever one it is she's inexplicably given permission to interfere with her sexually, has gone and ruined her for all men.

Sadly she appears to be one of those women that get very fat when they're in the club. Whether it be her metabolism, perhaps she has Greek ancestry, or perhaps she's always wanted to let her self go and now has an excuse, but either way I'm afraid to say in six or seven months she will have become an unrecognisable and bloater.

It's such a shame when this happens to beautiful women. But the Gods and Goddesses can be jealous and cruel judges. Let us now observe a moments silence to mourn the passing of a once delicious creature sadly now inedible.




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