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6/07/2009 11:34:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I see the BT Broadband bloke has taken leave of his senses and proposed. She's already been divorced once, she's obviously damaged goods. I've been following the BT Broadband couple for some years now and I'm very disappointed he's made this decision.

I mean I'm all for people getting married when there's children involved, but these aren't even his kids. They belong to that other bloke who'll be laughing his bollocks off when he finds out Adam is about to put himself through the nightmare he escaped with his dignity barely intact.

Never go back: Adam yesterday

And as for getting married as a romantic gesture. Don't make me barf. Fucking grow up. Buy her some flowers, you don't need to sign your life away. Don't do it Adam. Do you hear me? I know you read my blog.

You left once, that was the hard part, just keep running son, keep running. Keep running and don't look behind you. It doesn't matter how much you think you care about her, that's your mind playing tricks on you. When a female gets dumped she releases an invisible chemical, it's actually a pheromone, that induces guilt in the male which is incredibly potent and effective within 500 miles. Fight the power man. FIGHT IT! You must concentrate.

You marry this mess of a woman and I guarantee that in a few weeks time you'll wake up in the middle of the night while she's snoring away next to you, three stone heavier than when you married her, and wonder what the fuck you were playing at.

I was free, you'll say to yourself....I was free.

Jane: Nice, but fat soon

Just remember this Adam, prisoners don't break back into prison once they've matter how much you care about a woman, there's always some broken man somewhere who can't take any more of her shit. Don't be that man Adam...that's what I always say.

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