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6/12/2009 04:45:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

If you really must know what I'll be betting on this weekend then I'll tell you. It's the Gran Premi Cinzano de Catalunya this weekend - or the Barcelona MotoGP sponsored by Cinzano in proper language.

Have you been watching any of the Isle of Man TT coverage on ITV4? Possibly not if you don't like the sport, but I have and so has Valentino Rossi. He found time in his schedule to take a visit to the Island for the first time and as a student of motorcycle racing he looked like the proverbial kid in a candy store.

This I feel has significance for this weekend. Whizzing around 30 miles of TT track, which is just public roads, with Giacomo Agostini who's an old fella who was really rather good at pelting round race tracks in his day, has I feel, re-ignited Valentino Rossi's love for racing. He's looked a bit bored of the game recently.

TT racers are indeed mental. Humans are supposed to have inherent self-preservation instincts. To race at 150mph around a track where the run-offs are either someones front garden brick wall or a cliff face and then the Irish sea appears to me to require a temporary or permanent absence of these instincts. I think Valentino Rossi has been inspired by their company and feels he owes them something. He described them as 'Gladiators.'

So anyway, since the weather appears to be behaving itself so we can be spared another ridiculous flag-to-flag race, and given Rossi has been fastest today in the first practice session I shall be taking the 5/4 and jolly well liking it.

His team mate, spotty little upstart Jorge Lorenzo and his silly Barcelona livery, is only a gnats fanny hair behind, but I've heard a rumour that he's finally discovered women this week and spent a lot of his time wanking. He's right handed so this must surely affect his ability to regulate the throttle and front break.

Casey Stoner crashed today and little Dani Pedrose was back in 14th. Even though this is Pedrosa's home GP and he won it last season, he's too banged up and too fragile for this weekend, possibly for the sport. A two horse race then. Rossi v Lorenzo. Lorenzo on home turf, but fatigued from wanking..Rossi newly inspired and long since progressed through puberty. 5/4 for Rossi in a two horse race I shall take every time.

If you want a bet with considerably more sauce to it, Marco Melandri is available at 80/1 (1/5th odds for podium places). Since his arrival at Kawasaki he seems significantly more invigorated and a lot happier. He has put in some very fast performances this season....I can't think what might be at the root of this mini-renaissance.

So if Stoner has an off day, a little Predosi literally comes off againthe smallest podium step is any ones, so what is essentially a 14/1 for a dude who clearly has an appetite for the game again seems rather enticing to me.

I shall also be wagering on Pittsburgh to finish off Detroit tonight and some under-21 football later tonight also, but I can't remember which games. Holland and France I think in a treble with Sri-Lanka to beat Pakistan but that's already happened.

Hopefully while this is all going on, I'll be progressing through the field of the Sky Poker Tour Grand Final. Stranger things have happend.

The end.


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