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6/01/2009 06:43:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Some dude on the radio said he was of the honest opinion that we had seen the end of plane crashes because of how reliable modern planes were. This was under the assumption that it was a technical fault that led to this Air France plane disappearing.

No such thing really is there. Accidents will always happen, that's why they're called accidents. Like that car that blew up behind my house, the person who owned it may have been the most circumspect car owner in the land, but he can never be so cautious as to prevent fate from taking its course.

I'm hoping this plane had a bomb on board. I mean because if it's a bomb it means it wasn't a technical fault and if it's not a technical fault then it means we probably don't have to wrry about other A330's disappearing like this one.

The chances of plane crashing are tiny, and the chances of everyone dying even more so and the chances of it being at the hands of terrorists smaller still despite the current hysteria about the T word. So for the sake of the future airline passengers I hope it was the T word, if it has to be anything I mean, I hope it was that.

Incidentally, was it just me or did I detect a significant sense of frustration and bitterness from the news dudes that this thing hasn't crashed somewhere where they can film the wreckage and plumes of smoke and fire and so on?

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In other news, apparently the only other thing of note to happen today, Susan Boyle was taken to a clinic because she was acting strangely. Really? As opposed to how she usually acted?

At what point did cruise ship talent shows become such compelling viewing? What the fuck is wrong with everyone? There's people who can't concentrate at work during the week because of what might happen at the weekend on these shows.

This kind of thing makes me even more certain we need a brutal Dictator to purge the population of anyone who has a serious interest in this kind of thing. I so desperately want to return to an age where people read books as a source of entertainment and people like Susan Boyle were kept chained to walls in rooms without windows or in institutions not swanky clinics at £5,000 a night.



Anonymous on 1 June 2009 at 22:19

Seems to be a lack of Red Wings coverage of late here cuz !

; )

I also think the 3rd option of alien abduction should be considered for the Air France flight

Comment by Rich on 2 June 2009 at 03:29

Bermuda Triangle possibly. Redwings you say? Never heard of them, but they're probably luck-boxing their way to another Cup as we speak. Still live in Detroit though no matter how many Cups they win.

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