Use the force Luke

6/11/2009 01:21:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Today I will mostly be betting on cricket. I shall need Luke Wright* to be England's highest scoring batter - I'm working on the assumption that Pietersen isn't fit here.

One has to assume he'll play as it's the evil Saffers, but by my way of thinking he ought not to. Also I would be much obliged if Sri Lanka could beat Pakistan tomorrow.

Oh I almost forgot, Pittsburgh did indeed P-P-P-Pick up a 2-1 in game 6 on Wednesday. So it all comes down to one final game back in Detroit. Thanks to betfair and most punters being a bit silly, you can make instant monies if you have a Harry Findley sized bank roll as Pittsburgh are currently 2.62 to win the game (which would make them the Stanley Cup winners) but only 2.56 in the Stanley Cup winners market.

Needless to say, I fancy Pittsburgh. It's taken a little longer than I thought to wear the Wings down, but Detroit's age and it's poor defence are not deserving of another Cup. Plus I don't like Detroit.

* The force is not strong with this one.

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