Musical chairs without removing a chair

6/05/2009 01:21:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I was hoping when I woke up this afternoon that I'd switch the news on and see pictures of Gordon Brown leaving Downing Street with his coffin like chin down looking crestfallen and Nick "toenails" Robinson inconsolable and incapable of reporting on the events.

Instead it's all over. James Purnell resigned last night under the false assumption that it would be the catalyst for a wave of further resignations forcing old misery guts out. It didn't. He was flatterig himself somewhat and looks a bit daft now. In fact the opposite has happened. And now it's like that moment in pubs when conversations restart and pool balls smack against each other again after the total silence when every one stands up thinking a fight is about to occur.

This reshuffle didn't happen and so when the bad press about the elections is over, some time on Tuesday, it'll be like this week never happened. What's the point of a reshuffle anyway? In what other industry do these kinds of management musical chairs work? If you had shares in a company that changed it's senior management every year you'd not expect a dividend at the end of the year. See Newcastle United for what happens when football teams do it.

It's one of those silly political marketing gimmicks. It's supposed to give the Government Cabinets a fresh feel to it, but in reality it just messes up each Ministry and gives MP's a nervy disposition. So the only real purpose for a reshuffle is to give the Prime Minister an opportunity to ditch the people who don't like him and promote the brown noses - literally in the case of our current PM.

Since everyone who didn't like him resigned anyway, it looks like almost everyone is staying put with this one, so it's a re-re-shuffle. I'm bored of politics again now if they're not going to be fighting with each other any more. Plus, I just noticed it's the Oaks today and the Derby tomorrow. I might have a wager on these although I'm not sure the system I used to use for these classic races applies anymore. I think I'll just pick horses with funny names.

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