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6/06/2009 12:31:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Before we discuss today's wagers I just want to get some unpleasantries out of the way regarding Nicolas Sarkozy. If I had the choice of another five years of Gordon Brown leading this country or seeing Sarkozy's skull being crushed by a steam roller live on Sky News, that would be a head scratcher, I'd really have a decision to make there. He's an utter cunt. Make no mistake about it, he's George Bush only with an even more ridiculous accent and with 15-20 less IQ points.

This whole D-Day thing was used by Sarkozy has an excuse to get him some Obama time. He's a media whore of the worst kind as is Gordon Brown. The idea that this weekend was a Franco-American deal to justify not inviting the Queen is utter bollocks.

Gordon Brown was on the guest list even though he's not a head of state. The Queen is the only one out of the lot of them who was actually in uniform on D-Day. Bastards. It's just the Jocks and the French ganging up on the English again, petty fuckers, and a chance for them to cozy up to Obama, who to his credti was only the one to actually point at the Queen ought to be there, what with half those soldiers who stormed the beaches being English and all. Urghh..they get my dander up they reeaaaallly do.

Deep breaths...

OK, so today's wagers; I've read various peoples opinions on the Derby and have settled for a medium sized wager on Black Bear Island and a wee saver on Sea the Stars. I won't watch the race because Willie Carson gives me nightmares.

I would really appreciate it if this Kuznetsova woman would win the French Open. She appears to be a big under-dog, but I've heard tell of some genuine choking tendacies for the favourite so I will not lay this bet off. No sir.

I've got a football Yankee placed also which I think you'll find is awesome. I'll need England to win by 2 goals, Togo to beat the Gabon, Azerbaijan to draw with Wales and finally I'll need the Australians to beat Qatar. I see no problems with this bet.

I'm dilly-dallying about my plans for tonight. I wanted to whizz up to Nottingham, but I've just now seen the Grand Final of the Sky Poker tour is next weekend at DTD and with a £200+£20 buy-in, it seems very appealing to me. I don't think my budget will stretch to the £300 game tonight and next week's game also.

Click picture for details

If my wagers are successful then I can do both, but it does not give me too much time to get up there once they're settled. It's a tricky one especially given how lazy I am and how shitty the weather appears to be. I think you know what I'm trying to say.

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