Sarah's Law and John Venables

3/03/2010 10:33:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Sarah's Law - this is the campaign lead by the paedophile obsessed News of the World that allows parents of young children to check up on any adults who have regular contact with their children in order to determine whether they're on the sex offenders register, or to find out if there are any dirty old men in the vicinity just waiting to pounce on their wee ones with open flies and a bag of Werther's Original.

I hate this sort of invasive snooping masquerading as child protection. It indulges a culture of guilty unless proven innocent and is the slipperiest of Orwellian population control slopes. This does nothing to protect children, all it does is gives parents the right to pry into the lives and backgrounds of millions of innocent people, most of whom give up their free time to help children; community centre workers, teachers, scout leaders, sports coaches and so on.

A twat yes, a paedophile no.

Meanwhile however, we have John Venebles who is now 27, but was convicted at the age of 10 of torturing and killing James Bulger who was 2 years old when he was taken off by Venables and Robert Thompson and killed in 1993.

Of all the people in this county Sarah's Law ought to protect children from, it's these two. Yet they are the only people in the country whose details would be protected. They have both been given new identities at great expense and they are kept secret using a complex and expensive series of injunctions. The reasons for this are unclear, probably something to do with their human rights. Neither one incidentally has, until last week, spent a single day in an adult prison.

This is socialist criminal justice as it's most absurd, contradictory and dangerous. George Orwell and Franz Kafka would have been hard-pressed to come up with something as ludicrous as this. All these "laws' do is give a totalitarian Government an excuse to stick their noses into every single nook and cranny of a population's beeswax and in the process make everyone's lives just that bit more miserable, while also making us all less safe rather than safer.

As you know I resigned from the world some years ago, so things like this no longer continue to depress me and the suffocating futility of trying to find a goodness in this godforsaken life no longer burdens me, but I'm still longing to live in a cave where the claustrophobic darkness and isolation will seem like liberation by comparison.

A cave yesterday

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