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3/13/2010 09:26:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I made attempts to vent my frustrations at the betting/sports Gods via a tweet, but I ran out of room. Then I remembered I had a blog to accommodate my lengthier bitches so here it is..

Why don't the betting/sports Gods just throw me a freakin' bone? I'm glad of course that Arsenal came away from the armpit of England with three points, but I am not happy that the Chicago Blackhawks gave up a goal with three seconds left in the game and I am definitely not happy that what I thought was a winning treble has been settled by the Betfairs as a loser.

I thought I had laid Inter Milan - you may have read my tweets about how I felt they were a lay - and I thought I had backed both Arsenal and 'them.' Splendid I thought as Arsenal won, and 'they' beat Blackburn and obviously Inter Milan lost 3-1. But no...a losing wager apparently. As we speak I don't know why..I've queried this with the Betfair people. If I have backed Inter Milan instead of laying them by accident there will be some self abuse and I don't mean the nice kind.

Also Napoli are not winning and neither are Seville and the crumpets I just ate were not fluffy. Arsenal's victory has come at a heavy price.

** Finally Phil Brown, when will you learn to fuck off? Do you have any idea how intolerable the stench can be from the shit that comes from your verbals? I refer of course to the Sol Campbell incident.

It's perfectly simple - the player was initially off-side. This makes any arguments about "what should have happened" irrelevant in respect of a red-card for Sol Campbell. What should have happened was the referee should have given Arsenal a free-kick. What did happen is you got a fucking lucky bastard penalty you didn't deserve and that isn't enough you for? You also want Arsenal to go down to ten men for something that didn't happen anyway and even if it did is irrelevant because the play should be regressed back to the initial off-side. You want to win like that do you? Getting freebies from referees? You don't want to win games via the rules nor noffin? You just want the ref to sort it out for you via cheating and being shit?

You're an orange cunt.

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