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3/04/2010 03:26:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Harriet Harman embarrassing herself and Britain while Douglas Alexander
realises why Alistair Darling was so keen to let him have his seat

Harriet Harman must be destroyed. For the sake of the nation. For the sake of our standing in the global community. For the sake of all of us with a Y chromosome. Not destroyed in the physical sense as this sadly is not legal, I mean destroyed in the metaphorical sense. The lunatic gender crusader in her must be slain if we're to release the reasonable rational human being entombed within, if it has survived these many years buried deep within the fortified shell of the rampant feminist.

Much as we can identify the genesis of the current war on terror as being Hillary Clinton's point blank refusal to suck Bill Clinton's cock back in the early 1990's, we can similarly regress Harriet Harmen's total emotional envelopment in the feminist movement to her husband Jack Dromey's refusal to perform cunnilingus on her fish taco.

Research has shown a lack of spousal oral stimulation is the single biggest cause of lesbianism and feminism in women over 40 in the developed world. According to Dr Tong Ing of Hansung University in Seoul, South Korea, an absence of any oral stimulation of the magic button and foo-foo is sixty times more potent as a source of resentment, anger and frustration towards men than infidelity or domestic violence.

It takes supreme emotional fortitude to imagine what it must have been like for Harmen's sons growing up in that household as children. The countless hours spent playing with dolls and skipping ropes. Being locked away with their mother "playing nice" in the back room and sent to school in pink gingham frocks. Their hell is the analogical hell facing this country if drastic steps are not taken. We cannot wait. The science is settled. We must act now! Or rather, Jack must.

If this woman is to be stopped, and she must be stopped,..Jack Dromey must do his duty. He must bring his better angels to this fight. To take one for the team. Do it Jack, I know you read this blog - I implore you, the COUNTRY implores you. Set aside your political aspirations - Essex is a God awful place anyway. Yield to the greater good. Just close your eyes, think of England and eat this woman's pussy.

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