I'm not a cider drinker but...

3/29/2010 01:32:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

My wagering hiatus will continue for some time as I want to see where the bear sits with regard to assembling some sort of bank roll to allow me to go to Las Vegas. However, if I was still betting I'd do some serious research on the Wurzels reaching number one with their 70's classic "I'm a Cider drinker."

I don't know how many downloads or sales are required for a number one spot, but this song may have a chance as there's politics involved. This tax on Cider was dressed up as a tax to curb binge drinking by the Chancellor, but this is obviously bollocks.

It's not just alco-pop type white Ciders that will be taxed. It's also the traditional Ciders that are brewed in what are traditionally Conservative areas that Labour have no chance of winning seats in. Therefore they can tax these people and companies safe in the knowledge they're not losing out come election day.

The same Facebook type campaign that saw Rage Against the Machine win the Christmas number one spot is now being waged by Cider drinkers. They want this Wurzels song to be downloaded in protest at this new Tax that'll add about 20p to a pint of Cider and it's gaining momentum. These Tory seats have huge populations so if everyone gets their arse hairs up about this it might be worth a few shilling to bet on it becoming number one.

I of course won't be, as I must now seriously consider where my own bear sits financially. I must make the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas or I will sulk for the rest of my life.

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