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4/08/2009 09:49:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I placed this wager on Monday evening. Had I waited until Tuesday morning I would have received something like 4/1 for Porter's War instead of the SP of 5/2. However, I would never have been up in time so have to be content with the smaller price. I'm quite confident that Manchester City will lose tomorrow as I feel that in real terms they are shit and Werder Bremen ought to have no problems dispatching Udinese for the same reasons.**

* * *

I have placed another Yankee just a few moments ago now that my elite team of singing squirrel have completed their dossier on the new MotoGP season which begins this weekend in Qatar. I do so love MototGP. I think tits, biscuits, ice hockey and MotoGP are my four favourite things in life, with blow-jobs and jelly making a valiant effort to break into the top four.

So anyway, MotoGP: Valentino Rossi is a sporting hero of mine and I fully expect him to win his ninth world championship this season. But the fact remains there are certain tracks he just can't get along with, but much like Tiger Woods, because of his legendary status he will start each race as favourite.

We can therefore find a teeny tiny bit of value in the price of young Casey Stoner (who is the second of this championship's two horse race) whenever the tour visits one of Rossi's bogey tracks. Qatar is one such track and Valentino has yet to finish on the podium. Stoner conversely has won the two races since this track in the desert was added to the calendar.

One simply cannot see past these two. Testing so far as produced similar time differences to last season; young Casey 0.60 of a second faster than number 46, which at 200mph is quite a lot. Not quite such an advantage over race distance, but I've taken the marginally better 11/8 for Stoner over the 6/5 being offered for Valentino Rossi simply because it is a track that suits the Ducati and Stoner has the wins in the bag. One might find place-laying Rossi a cheekier bet, but out of respect for the man I could never do such a thing.

For some each-way value one might have a few shillings on Colin Edwards to finish third. He seems to have renewed himself this year and at a price of 125/1 must be value for the little step on the podium given that poor little Danny Pedrosa has crashed again and the other Ducati rider is Nicky Hayden who I find incredibly over-rated. I still refuse to recognise his world championship winning season no matter how many times he emails me. I'm sorry Nicky, NO! You were a lucky bastard and that advert you've appeared in for those tyres is silly.

So anyway, there it is, selection one of my weekend Yankee; Casey Stoner to win the Qatar MotoGP at 11/8, I've had a bet on Tiger Woods to win too just cause someone said he would and 5/2 seemed reasonable for him; I also fancy Middlesbrough to beat Hull and arrest their recent funk (11/10) and finally I've backed Newcastle to somehow beat Stoke at 2/1.

Make of that what you will. Good evening.

** Woo hoo - Well played Werder Bremen and Hamburg. Monies for me.



Comment by Paul on 10 April 2009 at 12:45

Tip-Top Tipping Sir. I'm guessing that must be four figures...

Comment by Rich on 10 April 2009 at 19:10

Five figures - £741.97 woooooo

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