A new hope

4/27/2009 03:45:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

As we speak I feel 75-80% human, which is good enough. I'm about ready some solids so will be heading down to the buffet in a wee bit. My feet no longer look like beach balls and my penis is huge again. Phew!

Today begins a new week. I have four days left to break this accursed lack of cashing. Two efforts today will be the $40 Gold Coast game which I haven't played yet and a $75 freeze-out at the Mirage. I'm convinced the small field games offer up my best chance of cashing.

I'm happy to accept a small return in exchange for lifting this curse rather than try for a big win which would put me in the black again. Nietzsche said before one learns to fly one must first learn to walk and run...which is nonsense really as humans can never learn to fly, but I know what he meant bless his bushy tash and it's a philosophy I'm adopting for this week.

The Fox people are attempting a casino crawl, but I have no desire to experience a Las Vegas emergency room, so I'll steer well clear of it. If it comes near the Mirage I'll hide in the toilets. It sounds from early reports that I am not the only one who slept through Sunday.

I better go. I need bacon. Good luck to the Fox people (I fear they will need it), and good luck with all my bets.

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